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Chinese Business Translations

When you are taking your business global and have plans of doing business in China or anywhere else for that matter you will want to use an expert who can deliver your message to customers around the globe. The Native Translator is just such an expert; we have experience working with multiple clients and have a loyal customer base which shows our attention to quality. We also work quickly with your translation and unlike some companies offering a fast turnaround, the work we deliver is always accurate, even when delivered in the first 24 hours.

Chinese certified and specialist translations

The reason that we can assure this quality is thanks to our certified translators, all of whom are native speakers of their translating language and degree level educated. Add into this that they are also industry specialists, able to translate medical or legal documents or even marketing text whilst you are planning on doing business in China and you will see we have a professional waiting to help you.

What’s more, we never use software to process our translations. We ensure that everyone is translated by hand and passes through a variety of different quality processes. We treat every type of translation project the same; whether it is a submission to a governing body, a medical form or perhaps the translation of a website so that you can market it well and continue doing business in china and each one will have the highest quality delivered.

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The Native Translator is a translation agency and part of the Swiss group The Translator Group, certified according ISO17100. We are equally specialized in Opens internal link in current windowChinese technical translation, medical translation, legal translation and financial translation. We also provide Opens internal link in current windowcertified Chinese translations and online.