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Legal Translation Services for the legal community, lawyers and notaries

If you are looking to offer legal advice internationally then you need accurate legal translation services. We have many team members that have worked as lawyers and many other legal sectors. They can use their knowledge to ensure that when it comes to carrying out translations, documents are written accurately and to a high standard.

Whether you're a lawyer that needs translation services or someone else, we're proud to say that we can offer high quality translation legal services carried out quickly and accurately. We operate our services 24/7 which means that you can rely on us deliver whatever you need without delay.

Of course it isn't just legal translations that we can help with. We offer so much more. Our over 5,000 professional translators all have different work experiences and industry backgrounds. This means that they can use their knowledge to make sure that any translations carried out for you are done accurately, even if they are complicated and use industry related jargon, they know the correct terminology.

If you're looking for legal translation services then get in touch with us today. Simply let us know the details of your translation project and we'll give you a quote within a minute. We can also tell you more about deadlines and what to expect at this stage - so you know exactly where you stand every step of the way.

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