The Native Translator Ihr Übersetzungsbüro

A Look At English to Arabic Translation

The Native Translator offers certified translation online that encompasses many languages and it covers a large number of business sectors such as medicine, law, finance and even technical translation. The company also translates documents that are certified so that they can be offered to official organizations. We guarantee that our translations are highly accurate and we ensure that we obey the standards in place for certified translations.  Our certified translations will be accepted by many academic organizations and governments across the world and we are a recognized and certified provider of translations. Since we launched in 2005 we have worked successfully with many institutions such as Embassies, Schools, Court’s and Universities.

In addition to this our specialist team of finance professionals are able to work with official accounting papers and offer certified translation. Our aim is to keep our customers informed and we ensure that they are aware that the desire for certified documents differs depending on the country, therefore we ask if customers can inform us which country the document is proposed for. This ensures that we adhere to the correct guidance that is relevant to that country. We believe strongly in confidentiality which is why we ensure all our staff, translators and projects managers are bound by an NDA.