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InDesign Translation services

Do you need your Adobe InDesign based content translated into different languages?

We provide full service translation for clients with InDesign files. Just provide us your InDesign files and we will translate the content ready for your designers to complete.
Easy - you give us the InDesign files and we return InDesign files translated with all content in exactly the same location
Fonts - We'll provide the correct fonts and guidelines on use, even for tricky Cyrillic and Indic fonts types such as Arabic and Hindi.
Cost Effective - Our translation prices are very competitive

Simple and cost-effective publication in any language

With our advanced InDesign translation tools all you have to do is give us your InDesign files (and any linked material such as images). We import the content from InDesign, move it into our translation management system Transl8.  At this point our top tier human translators set to work. Once the translation is complete we export the content and create a new InDesign file for the target language in exactly the same layout as the source language file.
Our highly competitive translation services ensure that you can get cost effective translations in almost any language and have them returned very quickly. Due to minimal import or handling fees and the best translation rates in the business, we can ensure you get your publications live in any language.

Things to keep in mind with InDesign files

Translating text from (name of language localize) to other languages can
increase the volume of text from 5 to 30% more than the source text. Consider your layout and if necessary trim the content before you submit it for translation.
Cyrillic languages (Russian, Serbian etc.) have the greatest increase.
Asian characters (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese) usually result in approximately the same or 5 - 10% less content.