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Job reference - certified translation for all languages

Translation and certification of your certificates and diplomas

Do you require inexpensive certified translations of your documents, e.g. A-level certificate, university degree, deed, job reference, overview of marks? We translate from and into all languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many more). Let us send you a Opens internal link in current windownon-binding offer for your documents today. We only need high-quality scans of your documents in order to provide you with information on the costs and processing time.

What exactly is a certified translation?

With a certified translation, the translator provides a legally binding guarantee of the authenticity of the translated document. For this purpose he or she furnishes it with his or her signature and stamp. Certified translations may only be made by sworn translators However, the requirements for this vary from country to country – and the sworn translation of a translator from country A is not necessarily recognised in country B. You should therefore inform us of which country you require a sworn translation for so that we can select a sworn translator who is authorised for this purpose.

Translation quality

The Native Translator stands for a combination of all your quality requirements. Optimised processes and workflows, an internal knowledge database, the elimination of redundancies and use of the latest technology solutions guarantee the best translation quality.

  • Fast, punctual delivery of your translation order
  • High demands on language and proofreading
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Consistency and terminology

Secrecy is a matter of course for us.

We often deal with a large amount of sensitive information and of course we attach great importance to strict confidentiality.


Please contact us for non-binding price information, including the delivery date, or simply if you have any questions about the subject of certified translations. E-mail

The Native Translator is a translation agency that is certified according to ISO 17100 and which has become specialised in the delivery of high-quality translations – directly over the Internet.