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Impeccable quality guaranteed!

As an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, we provide a quality guarantee with all our translations.

What is quality?

Opens external link in new windowWikipedia defines quality as the inherent value of objects, subjects or activities. Value is somewhat subjective and is often entirely dependent upon the individual. The same applies to translation quality. In order to measure the quality of a translation, we first need to define is what is a good translation.

This involves concepts such as target groups, terminology, semantics, syntax, style, etc. In short, one person’s excellent text can be another’s bad text if it is not tailored toward the particular recipient. Target group customization, and hence the choice of terminology, is extremely important. Which is why it is important that, when ordering a translation, you inform us of the target audience for the text and the level of language to be applied to the translation. "He talks to peasants in the way of farmers, but with learned men in Latin" wrote a wise man (Erik Axel Karlfeldt).

The correct translator for your assignment

All our translators have at least a university graduate degree, and many even have PhDs. This means that they have very good linguistic skills, specialist knowledge and generally a very high level of education. This is a prerequisite for providing the highest quality translations. That said, each translation task requires a translator that is both stylistically and terminologically suited to the person who will read the text. Texts can be both too difficult and too simple.

Correct translator for each subject

We choose every translator with care; i.e. a translator with excellent knowledge of the source language and the target language as his/her native language. He/she shall also be a specialist in the subject area in which you need help; e.g. Opens internal link in current windowOpens internal link in current windowlaw/patents, Opens internal link in current windowmedical, Opens internal link in current windowfinance, Opens internal link in current windowmarketing/PR, Opens internal link in current windowIT/technology/engineering or Opens internal link in current windowtourism.

When we say that we use translators who are specialized in particular fields, we mean that he/she has specialist training as a translator in that field, or has professional experience in the field. No matter what, the translator will have the skills required to deliver a professional translation that meets, in all respects, very high standards, both in terms of language and terminology.

What is a good translation?

A translated text must reflect the meaning and tone of the original document - it must be a mirror image, in a new language. It is undoubtedly a challenge that, in addition to the content, the "feeling" of the document must also be translated. Only translators with the target language as their mother tongue, and with very good knowledge of the original language and subject of the text, can achieve this.

As an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, we guarantee the highest quality translations. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. So, if you are dissatisfied with your translation for any reason, we will translate your text again from start to finish. Please note that no translation can be better than the original text.