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Information about different types of Certification Procedures - Online Certified Italian Translation.

Certified translations may need completing for a range of reasons; emigration, education or work to name just a few. A certified Italian Translation online is a professional translation which is accompanied with a written declaration to state that the document accurately reflects the source information to the best of the translators knowledge and ability. Here at The Native Translator, we are one of a very small number who offer certified translations as we know what is required and have a dedicated team of translators who are available to complete any type of project for you. 

The first type of certified Italian translation that we provide is perhaps the one which is most requested and relates to legal matters. This type of certified Italian translation must be completed by someone who is fully conversant with law but also is certified to an exceptionally high standard. The individual also needs to be fully registered with the courts or judicial council where the translations are to be presented. Apart from being certified by the court, a certified translator has to provide a written statement affirming that the translations presented are correct and complete respective of the information in the source documents. They may also need to take an oath in front of the court judge, confirming their statement. In most courts, a separate affidavit from the translator needs to be attached with the translated document. 

The next type of certified Italian translation involves the Italian translator taking a pledge in which he or she swears that the translated document contains all of the information contained within the source document, and the translation work completed is error free.

If you are looking for a professional, certified translator to complete any type of translation, not just to Italian but to a whole host of other languages, contact us today to see how we can help you.

The Native Translator is an online translation agency and part of the Swiss group The Translator Group, certified according to European norm EN 15038 as well as the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10. We are equally specialised in technical translation, legal translation, financial translation as well as certified translation.