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French Translation to English by Professional Translators Online

The Native Translator offers professional French to English translation services within law, finance, medicine and technology.

If you own a business and you are looking to expand your business, perhaps in France or further afield, then the chances are you will need to use the services of a professional translation company if you do not speak and write French fluently. If you need to introduce your business to the French market, it is really important that you can achieve this effectively and a quality translation carried out by us can enable you to achieve this.

Perhaps you have a website and you want the content translated into French. This is no problem with our expert team of native, French speaking translators who have years of business experience and knowledge of translating digital publications such as websites. We will use our knowledge of marketing and business to ensure that your website is polished and perfected so if read by a French person it reads as though it was written by a native.

A multilingual website doesn’t just convey your business as being professional but it will enable you to engage with and secure new business on an international scale. Alternatively, you may be a French business owner looking to market your business to an English audience. This is also no problem. We specialize in the delivery of English to French and French to English translations which are fast, accurate and delivered directly to your inbox in just a few hours.

The Native Translator is an online translation agency and part of the Swiss group The Translator Group, certified according to European norm EN 15038 as well as the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10. We are equally specialised in technical translation, legal translation, financial translation as well as certified translation.