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Translations – quickly and correctly

Thanks to our global network we only employ professional translators who translate into their mother tongue - quickly, carefully and error-free. That's how our employees know their vocabulary and grammar frontwards and backwards, but also are familiar with idioms and colloquial expressions.

Cross-industry expertise

Do you need a professional translation that meets the requirements of IS 17100?

Our international network of professional translators enables us to provide fast, high-quality translations - all year round, seven days a week. In brief: The best possible quality in the shortest possible time, plus uncomplicated order processing without having to disclose a lot of information about yourself - this is exactly the service you get from The Native Translator.

Flawless technical translations

With our wide range of translation services, we always aim to meet your needs - whether it is a legal document, a diploma, a certified translation of a birth or marriage certificate. You can also get first-class specialist translations from us: medical brochures, financial reports, legal texts, company reports, technical manuals, websites, marketing/PR... whatever the subject area. We guarantee outstanding competence and many years of experience in all specialist areas - and translate for international companies as well as for individuals.

Specialized native speakers

Choosing the right translator lays the foundation for a quality translation. The translator not only has to master the target language at native-speaker level but also the source language. And, of course, excellent specialist knowledge of the particular terminology of a subject area is necessary in order to interpret the text correctly and reproduce it accurately in the translation.
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