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ISO 17100-certified translation agency

The Native Translator is an online, ISO 17100-certified translation agency. You can instantly order a high quality translation here, whether you need a certified or specialized translation.

ISO 17100 is an ISO certification specific to the translation industry. It replaces EN-15038, which was the first attempt to establish a quality standard for the rather "wild" translation industry. Globalization and the wave of immigration into Western Europe etc. have created a great need for translation, which in turn has led to an increased need for translators and translation agencies. Rapid expansion is rarely congruent with maintaining quality, which also applies to the translation industry. ISO 17100 was established in 2015 because there was a need for certification that was not solely about administration, but also about translation quality. The Native Translator was the 7th translation agency in Europe to be certified under the new standard. Unfortunately, many translation agencies have chosen not to certify. This is probably due to the requirements, and not least the cost of the certification They say they are "living up to the requirements of the standard", which is, of course, not the same as having to prove that they are actually doing so. 

What are the requirements for an ISO 17100-certified translation agency?

In many respects, the ISO 17100 is similar to the better-known ISO 9000 standard. Where ISO 9000 is more general, the ISO 17100 is very specific, especially in regard to the requirements of the translation process. This includes the choice of translator for a specific assignment, the translator's general qualifications and the requirements for proofreading and editing.

ISO 14001 Environmental management certified translation agency

The Native Translator is a very environmentally-aware translation agency. It is entirely CO2 neutral and lives up to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. As we wrote above, there is a difference between living up to a standard and being certified, and we hope to announce shortly that we are not only complying with ISO 14001, but that we are also certified under the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

ISO 27000 we safeguard your data and confidentiality

In its latest annual report, the Swedish Security Service gives several examples of how the threat directed toward businesses has increased. It includes both the threat level and increased demands from authorities in the form of GDPR etc., which is a reason to review how confidential information is handled. At The Native Translator, we comply with the requirements of ISO 27000, which is a certification that ensures that we justifiably handle your data.

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