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Certified Translations of your Documents into Chinese

Certified Translations of your Documents into Chinese – as a Simple Online Order

Our certified translations are valid and recognised in China. You will receive a professional translation from one of our certified translators who have been authorised by ITI in the UK or ATA in the US.

Experts for Officially Certified Translations

Certified translations have a special status: they are true translations that are authenticated by the signature, stamp and authentication formula of a certified translator. 

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Let us help you! Below you will find practical information on certified translations. And if you then still have problems finding what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will dispel any doubts that you may have.  

Certified Translations into Chinese for all Purposes  

In today's global economy, it is not enough for a translation agency to offer bilingual services. That's why we design our business to be as global and multilingual as possible. We achieve this goal by working with a network of colleagues and business partners all over the world, which means that we have a large group of authorised translators at our disposal who work for us regularly and are always available. All of these translators are native speakers and, as far as possible, authorised in the country where you wish to use your translation. 

Certified Translations in China

To be recognized as a certified translation in China, a translated document must contain the following: The original document in the original (source) language. Thetranslated document in the translated (target) language. A sworn testimony signed by A) the translator or B) the translation company representative.

Best Prices for Certified Translations into Chinese 

We have certified translators who provide signed and stamped official certified translations into Chinese. We make dozens of certified translations into Chinese every week:  Titles and diplomas, certificates, deeds, affidavits, annual financial statements, terms of delivery, partnership agreements, birth certificates, death certificates, bailiff's certificates of service, guarantee declarations, court summonses, wills, extracts from the Commercial Register, marriage certificates, adoption documents, etc.  This is precisely why our prices are so competitive and we offer such fast processing of your order!

What does a sworn Chinese translation look like?

Certified translations for China comprise the complete translated text, a copy of the original text and the formula confirming that this is a certified translation, as well as the translator’s signature. 

Chinese institutions only accept Chinese.  

Chinese is the only official language in China. No Chinese institution will recognise a document that has been drawn up in French, English, German, etc., unless the legalised translation is accompanied by the signature and correct certification of an authorised translator. 

If you come to China from another country to study, you will need a certified translation of your academic qualifications into Chinese in order to be admitted to the university. 

Certain documents always require a certified translation.

Certain documents always require a certified translation which is authenticated by the stamp and signature of an officially authorised translator. 

Personal Documents 

•  Titles and diplomas

•  University degrees

•  Contracts of sale

•  Mortgages

•  Wills

Official Documents 

•  Driving licence

•  Birth certificate

•  Marriage certificate

•  Criminal record extract

•  Death certificate

Corporate Documents

•  Articles of Association / Certificate of Incorporation

•  Rules of procedure

•  Power of attorney

•  Annual financial statements

Court Documents 

•  Summons 

•  Procedural legal action 

•  Bailiff's certificate of service

•  Affidavits

•  Court decisions

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The Native Translatoris a translation agency that is certified according to ISO17100 and which specialises in delivering high-quality certified translations – directly over the Internet.