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Technical translations into and from English

Our English technical translations are produced by experienced specialist technical translators, whose primary language is the target language.

Our translation of English technical texts spans a wide range of subject fields, each with its unique terminology. The development of terminology and new subject fields places great demands on our translators' specialist skills. This, combined with a high level of linguistic expertise, also ensures high the quality of your specialist technical translations.

We translate everything - from technical specifications, software, manuals and patents to texts with a more creative content, such as marketing material, PowerPoint-presentations, web content and much more.

English technical translations online – around the clock

The Native Translator is open 24/7, meaning that you as a customer can be assured that we will commence with your translation the moment the need arises. Our translators are located all around the world, allowing us to quickly start urgent projects, regardless of the time of day or night. As an ISO-certified online translation agency, we are specialized in providing high-quality technical translations into and from English, at any time around the clock. For very large projects, we recommend that you contact our corporate service, Opens external link in new windowThe Business Translator.

Using translation memories (TM’s)

Using translation memories yields the best result when the source language material is uniform and consistent. For example,  when translating, technical documentation or technical content, TM’s are vital for ensuring precise, uniform use of terminology. There are, however, some risks associated with using TM’s, since consists of establishing the meaning between the words.  Computers can simply replace words, but we enlist the linguistic skills of translators who construct full sentences, paragraphs, and ensure the meaning of the source text.  While some translation agencies may overlook this drawback of computer tools, we do not.  Our translations are always proofread and edited by human translators, in addition to computer tools.

Confidential treat of information, data and content

Confidentiality is a given to us, and you can rest entirely assured in knowing that we handle your documents in the strictest of confidence. Translators as well as project managers are bound by non-disclosure agreements, even if you as a client did not request this when placing your order. If you as a client so require, we will be pleased to sign an NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement, whenever your project needs this.

Quality at every stage

Our entire organization is certified under ISO17100, the new standard developed for translation agencies.  This means that our work process involves quality at every single stage. The Austrian Standards Institute is the certifying authority for this process, and is the organization that defined EN-15038, the standard that led directly to an ISO standard.

To ensure consistent and excellent quality, we work exclusively with specialist technical translators into and from English. In addition to holding a university translation qualification or its equivalent, our translators also have extensive experience in technical translations into their first language. They work in accordance with the "Good Translator Practice" modeled by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, a set of guidelines for certified translators.

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified technical translation agency, specializing in the translation of technical texts and documents.