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Worldwide Translation Service Online Translation by Native Translation Professionals

The Native Translator translates texts in the following specialties Legal, Law, Patent, Medical, Pharmacy, PR and Marketing, Business, Financial, Transports, IT, Technology, Engineering and Tourism promotion documents.

The Native Translator is the fastest translation service on the net; we translate your documents within a few hours. We have translators all over the world ready to translate any text in the above specialties.

A machine is not able to translate a text correctly as a machine cannot correctly judge in which meaning a word is used. Many of the words in our language have a double meaning and how can the machine judge in witch meaning this word is used this time. Translation is about transferring a meaning it is not about translating a word. A good translation is a completely new text in another language where the meaning is transferred but expressed in the way a local person would express him or herself. If you choose to machine translate your message you will disappoint your audience.

The Native Translator is a Swiss Quality Service certified according both the European EN-15038 and the North American CAN/CGSB 131.10. We specialize in Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Financial Translation, Marketing Translation and Technical Translation. We offer Certified translations into over 100 languages no other online translation agency is able to do that.

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